C is for COFFEE

C is for COFFEE

We love coffee, but it’s not for everyone!

When you feel a drop in energy coffee is a temporary way to keep you going throughout the day. Caffeine is a stimulant that directly effects the adrenals (sorry!).

Some people are sensitive to coffee as it too acidic and can irritate many of those with sensitive digestion, including chronic reflux but there are great alternatives. We recommend a cold brew or golden coffee option which can be 5-6 time less acidic than your normal brew.

 Coffee can be good for you if enjoyed in minimum quantities. You don’t want to raise your stress hormones with a double shot of espresso first thing in the morning! Best to have your coffee after breakfast which is a more sensible option!

I love the smell and taste plus the whole ritual of making coffee is kind of therapeutic.

I follow intuitive eating, so I switch my coffee habits depending to my mood but my go to coffee choice has always been a high-quality organic coffee beans (freshly grounded) made in my Italian mocha machine. I like to add my own almond milk for a latte option or make a dirty chai latte– which has heat from the ginger, cardamon and cinnamon; it’s so perfect if you want something warming, especially on a cold winter day.

I do also love an adoptogenic superfood coffees (with chaga tea or Four sigma is a great brand) to kick start my day without too much of the caffeine hit. Medicinal mushrooms are alkalising, so less acidic for a smoother finish.

Coffee has a high flavonoid content = so it’s good for your gut! Flavonoids are high antioxidant properties and can positively influence the gut microbiome. Coffee in moderation can give you a boost and your gut microbiome love them too 🤗

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