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Dr Fed Amati endorsement of Triveda Foods dips

We have had an epic start to the year! Not only are we busy selling and distributing our yummy and gut-loving dips to our extended Triveda Tribe of customers, we have also been connecting with some of the biggest experts in the gut health and nutrition.  One of our favourite gut health experts, Dr Federica Amati, has now tested our dips and she LOVES them.  Dr Federica Amati has over 10 years experience of nutrition and gut health experience and we are blown away by her feedback.  You can follow Dr Federica on Instagram @dr.fed.amati

We are also supported by and endorsed by the phenomenal gut health specialist Eve Kalanik.  Eve is an Author and Nutritional Therapist specialising in gut health. Eve haas supported us with advice from day one and recently shared this with one of our key partners:

"Triveda seamlessly blends beautiful and innovative flavours with nutritional and gut health benefits. These are dips like no others!"

We love you Eve! 

You can follow Eve on Instagram @evekalanik

We would love to know what you think too.  Please email us at hello@triveda.life and share your views now.

Lot's of love, from the Triveda Tribe x


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