Our Process

Go With Your Gut!

We believe having a healthy gut is at the very core of our overall health and wellbeing and pivotal to our thriving existence both physically and mentally. As science tells us the gut microbiome is now being considered an organ in its own right due to myriad and far reaching influence it has over many different systems in the body. This includes digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food as well as having a marked impact on the functioning of our immune system, mood, managing inflammation and hormones. For instance many people are surprised to learn that 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut and that 95% of our overall serotonin (often dubbed the happy neurotransmitter) is produced in our gut!

What Actually is Our Gut?

Our gut is essentially one long tube that starts at the mouth and runs all the way to the point of exit. However often the term ‘gut health’ is referring to the gut microbiome which are collectively all of the trillions (yes trillions!) microbes that live in our gut and predominantly in the large intestine. In fact we are as many bacteria as we are human cells which is pretty incredible when you think about it. 

How We Help Support Your Gut

Gut health is very much a multi factorial approach which depends on the food we eat as well as lifestyle factors to include stress management, sleep and exercise. 

One of the key components to nourishing the gut microbiome depends on sufficient amounts and diverse sources of fibre in our diet which we find in all types of plant-based foods. Polyphenols which are special plant chemicals also exert a positive impact on the health of our gut microbiome.  At Triveda we serve an array of both fibre and polyphenols in each and every one of our products which helps to also provide your gut microbes with a tasty meal!

Our Love of Fermentation

We are passionate about the value of having fermented foods in our diet as these provide a natural source of beneficial microbes for our gut. During the process of fermentation the bacteria multiply so when we eat fermented foods we also ingest these beneficial bugs which can enhance our existing gut microbiome. Furthermore the fermentation process also enhances flavour, increases nutrients such as B vitamins, and helps with digestibility of the food itself so it becomes a win win for us and our gut microbes!

Rejuvenate with Rejuvelac

Rejuvelac is a non-alcoholic, fermented liquid made from sprouted grains. Our Rejuvelac is prepared using buckwheat grains which makes it naturally gluten-free.

It looks cloudy, with the colour of pale straw and has a flavour that is lemon-y, sharp and slightly tangy, with a mild, earthy aroma. That distinct flavour comes from the fermentation process itself. 

However, we think it works wonderfully to enhance the flavour of our dips and brings a boost of vitality to our gut health too.