Sweet + Sour Organic Fermented Cashew + Chickpea Dip

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Sweet + Sour Organic Fermented Cashew + Chickpea Dip

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A moreish blend of monochrome ingredients such as tahini (sesame), dehydrated garlic and black olives which gives this dip a unique and superior ‘Unami taste’. Blended with sweetness from the medjool dates and caramel carob we also add Reishi to enhance this striking blend even further.  Each flavour lasts three months un-opened in the fridge but we recommend using within 4 days once opened to maximise the benefit of our gut-friendly ingredients!

Spring water, black tahini (black sesame seeds*), roasted cashew nuts paste*, chickpea paste*, rejuvelac (spring water, fermented & sprouted buckwheat*), date paste*, black garlic*, black olives*, carob*, lemon juice*, fermented vinegar, mineral salt, black salt, black cumin*, reishi mushroom* (*) from organic farming

Black tahini which comes from black sesame seeds is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium and copper as well as being a good source of protein and healthy fats which makes it a bit of a nutritional powerhouse.  Ayurvedic and other ancient health practises have also included sesame seeds in a wide variety of their medicinal preparations and now we know why!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Reishi is known as ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’ and hence its reputation for longevity. Images of reishi adorning everything from kimono’s to carvings date back to around 1400AD.

This is a crowd pleaser! spread it on crackers, pita chips, rye toast with aperitifs . Excellent with portobello mushrooms as a tapenade. Mix it in with with pasta, polenta, or gnocchi Enjoy with some fresh veggies- carrots, celery and fennel, delicious as topping for ramen noodles, broths and soups, this dip tastes savory with hint of sweetness, complex and deeply satisfying.

200g glass jar. Please keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days of opening. Each jar of dips will last for up to four months in the fridge. Please do eat within 5days of opening as each jar is buzzing with probiotics to create your happy gut.