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What is Triveda?

Here at Triveda we aim to support balance in body, mind and flavour. As such our recipes combine delicious, modern and functional ingredients such as probiotics and adaptogenic herbs (whilst taking some inspiration from the ancient form of medicine known as Ayurveda).

We are passionate about the enjoyment of food, sharing cultures, bringing something new to the plate and creating flavoursome dishes together.

With this in mind we have designed a range of delicious fermented gourmet dips and condiments made with intention and nutritional benefits that can easily be enjoyed on their own or to elevate a dish.

Our dips have also been mindfully fermented, including billions of live bacteria. We also have a very conscious approach when it comes to producing our products. Slowing preserving to enhance the natural attributes and creating nutritious, rich, and innovative flavours along the way. We believe that helping to support a healthy gut can lead to a stronger and happier body and mind.


Mindful Nutrition


Plant Based

Functional Ingredients

Sharing Flavours

Triveda is rich in...

Billions of Live Bacteria

Plant-based fibre + polyphenols


Taste the colour. Feel good from within. Share with love.

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